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​Since 2015 we have held a Post-release Assistance Centre where prisoners released from prisons or remand centers can obtain psychological support, legal aid, help in finding a job, raising professional qualifications, emergency aid. In July 2018 the Volunteer Centre Association founded a house for ex-prisoners.
Participation in the Volpris project is an opportunity for the Volunteer Center to further develop volunteering in prisons. We can share our experience, learn how volunteering works in prisons in other countries and work together to optimize this model and support the prison service.
he Volunteer Centre in Lublin was established in 1999. Since then, around 20 thousand people took up a voluntary service through our Centre. We are an organization that provides comprehensive voluntary service. In our actions we are mainly focused on coordinating the work of our volunteers, forming, promoting as well as inspiring local communities and chaplaincies to form volunteer clubs, offices and centres. The Volunteer Centre runs its own volunteer programmes, within the framework of which the volunteers provide assistance for sick, homeless, prisoners, refugees, neglected children and orphans. We pay particular attention to the quality of our volunteers’ commitment. Therefore, we offer them workshops and meetings so that they can constantly develop their skills and competences.
The Volunteer Centre in Lublin has extensive experience in working with convicted persons and with those who have been released from prisons and remand centers.
Since 2006, we have been leading activities toward prisoners and ex-prisoners in the framework of a voluntary program ‘Eleutheria’. The essence of the program is to help the convicts in their process of social reintegration. Volunteers lead workshops in penitentiary entities in Lublin Region.

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